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I studied Fine Art and became a potter when I married one... 

Over time, my pots have become less obviously functional, referencing my art background more than traditional pottery. 

My work celebrates the human body – mostly, but not exclusively, the female body, and the current pots are flat, almost 2-dimensional vessels that are essentially drawings in space, in earthenware and porcelain. They also play with ideas of anthropomorphism in pottery forms.

Each piece starts with a drawing from life, and most are made in small series. Others are one-offs. 

I also work in bronze

My work is on show at galleries in the UK and abroad, as well as in our showroom at the Cotswold Pottery.
Stockists include: Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London; Liberty London, St Ives Ceramics, Cornwall; Schaller Gallery, St Joseph's, Michigan; Michele Varian, New York, USA.

I am a Fellow of the Craft Potters’ Association (CPA).


Photos of the studio by Ben Boswell

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